Near–Surface Seismic Processing/Tomography

Travel–Time Tomography module in RadExPro provides an intuitive interactive tool for recovering of 2D velocity model from the first–arrival travel–time curves.

You can use Herglotz–Wiechert inversion for automatic generation of the initial model or define it using interactive layers and boreholes. Of course, you can also edit the model grid manually.

The tomography algorithm used is based on the known Occam inversion, however with some important modification. Beside velocity, each cell of the grid has confidence parameter that takes values from 0 to 1. Use this parameter to specify how confident you are in any particular part of the initial model. For instance, near the borehole you are pretty sure about velocities—why not to tell the software explicitly that you don’t want the algorithm to change them too much?

Something went wrong while tomography is calculated and you are unhappy with the ongoing values? You can pause the calculation at any iteration, change any parameters (and even the current model!) and continue. You can also scroll back through the iterations, use the result of any of them as a new initial model and start the whole process again with modified parameters.