Real–Time Land Seismic QC and In–Field Processing

Seismic QC For Land Acquisition

RadExPro is fully capable for 3D or 2D land seismic acquisition QC, either off–line or real–time:

  • Fast data input from SEG–D (including rev. 3) and SEG–Y files
  • Geometry assignment from SPS files
  • CMP binning
  • Well–developed tools for data display and analysis

  • Evaluation of a number of QC attributes in arbitrary windows, as well as their derived combinations
  • Interactive common source/common receiver/CMP attribute maps, CMP fold map, location map for advance analysis of data quality—all maps are fully synchronized between each other and with seismic display, active template is highlighted along with SP, RP and CMP of the current trace under cursor.

  • Background image on any of the maps

  • Real–time QC—control the data quality as soon as it is acquired for making decisions and fixing problems immediately
  • Geometry control by first–breaks — off–line and in the real time

In–Field Processing

  • Complete set of industry–standard algorithms for data processing up to brute stack: vibroseis correlation, trace editing, band–pass and FK filtering, Radon, FX and FXY decons, TFD noise attenuation, amplitude corrections, deconvolutions, interactive velocity analysis, statics, NMO–correction, regularization, stacking, pre–stack and post–stack time migrations, etc.
  • Handy data management tools: processing in projects, dataset history, etc.
  • Parallelization