• April 6, 2018

New Release – RadExPro 2018.1

New Release – RadExPro 2018.1

New Release – RadExPro 2018.1 150 150 RadExPro

We are happy to announce our first release of the year —  RadExPro 2018.1. The main novel of this version is system of replicas.

Replicas are copies of one and the same flow, executed with different sets of module parameters. Sets of parameters for each replica are taken from variables defined in a dedicated replica table. The system is discussed in detail in a separate presentation Replicas_EN.pdf.

Other improvements and new features are discribed in the Release Notes and include faster Kirchoff Migration, improved 3D Stolt migration, new modules for header statistics within ensembles, source-receiver midpoint, offset and azimuth calculation and more.

As usual, if you are on maintenance, please contact us at and get your update for free.