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January 2023

Provisional Event Schedule 2023 150 150 RadExPro

Provisional Event Schedule 2023

In 2023 RadExPro will be in attendance at the following industry events:

New Tutorial Available 150 150 RadExPro

New Tutorial Available

A new tutorial on ‘Python Proxy – How to Introduce Your Own Algorithms in Python into RadExPro Software’ is now available in the Tutorials section of our web-site. This tutorial is for those who aim to expand the functionality of RadExPro by introducing their own algorithms in Python via the Python Proxy module. The tutorial contains several example implementations of seismic processing algorithms in Python Proxy, including automatic gain control, deghosting, semblance attribute computation and geophone-to-DAS conversion.

New Release – RadExPro 2022.4 150 150 RadExPro

New Release – RadExPro 2022.4

Improved FK filtering, new module for Time-Variant FK, new automimic line binning algorithm — check Release Notes for what is new in this version of the software. As always, if you are on maintenance contact us and get the update for free.

We wish you a peaceful and prosperous New Year 2023!