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New Release — RadExPro 2017.2!

New impressively fast Geometry Spreadsheet, new syntax in Trace Header Math, 2D Flex Binning, unwrapped phase spectrum, export/import of header lists and more. See release notes for details.

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Schedule of our Booth Presentations at EAGE Paris 2017

EAGE Paris 2017 is coming! Stop by our booth 810 and presentations on 13, 14 and 15 June, the schedule will remain the same all three days:

  • 12:15 — Real-Time Land Seismic QC and In-Field Processing in RadExPro
  • 12:35 — Real-Time Marine Seismic QC in RadExPro
  • 12:50 — Complete Solution for Advanced Processing of HR/UHR Marine Seismic Data: Demultiple, Deghosting, Marine Statics and More.
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79th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2017, Paris, France

On June 12-15 visit our booth 810 at the biggest EAGE annual convention. We are going to make in-booth presentations on processing of high-resolution marine seismic data (debubbling, deghosting, efficient multiple suppression), as well as on real-time QC of off-shore and on-land seismic acquisition. The schedule will be announced on-site. We would be most happy to see you at the presentations as well as any time in between to discuss the business and demonstrate our software solutions.

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First release of the year — RadExPro 2017.1!

Fast on-the-fly sorting in Trace Input module, brand-new Interactive QC module for on-land 3D/2D data quality control (either off-line or real-time!), eight parallelized modules providing impressive productivity improvement for modern multi-core CPUs, and other novels aimed to make life easier and delivery — faster. Sea release notes for details.

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Ocean Business 2017, Southampton, UK

On April 4-6 visit our booth R11 at the Ocean Business show. A training a demonstration session on HR seismic processing in RadExPro will be carried out on Wednesday, April 5 at 9:00 in Access Grid Room 124/14. If you wish to attend the session,  please, let us know so that we can check you in.

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Presentation of interactive RT QC solution for land data within EAGE Tyumen 2017 conference

On March 29 we will present our brand-new solution for real-time QC of land seismic acquisition. The presentation will take place in Mercure Tyumen Center hotel conference hall within the framework of EAGE Tyumen 2017 conference. Please note that conference registration is required, in order to attend the presentation.

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Happy New Year And New Release — RadExPro 2016.4!

We wish you happy and successful New Year 2017 and a most pleased to announce the last RadExPro of the year — RadExPro 2016.4!

A brand-new Horizon Manipulation module is a greate facility to interpolate horizons and convert them to trace headers and back, spherical divergence correction with use of RMS velocity function, and more… — see release notes for the details.

As usual, if you are on maintenance, please contact us at support@radexpro.ru to get the update for free.


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86th SEG Annual Meeting in Dallas, TX

Join us at SEG Annual Meeting in Dallas, TX. This time at our booth we are giving oral presentations on high-resolution marine seismic processing technologies available in RadExPro: efficient demultiple, SharpSeis deghosting/broadband processing, and debubbling. Additional presentation will be devoted to real-time QC of 3D/2D marine seismic acquisition with the new dedicated configuration of our software — RadExPro Real-Time. The time schedule of the presentations will be announced at the booth during the show. Come, visit our booth #1446 at SEG in Dallas.

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New Release — RadExPro 2016.3!

Pre-stack migration of common offset gathers, FXY decon, improved 3D Volume Viewer, improved Custom Impulse Trace Transform and a number of small fixes and upgrades in this release to make the processing more convenient and the delivery — faster. See release notes for details.

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EAGE Near Surface Geoscience 2016, Barcelona, Spain

Visit our booth #3 at Near Surface Geoscience 2016.